Thursday, November 12, 2009

Another Daily Run Through

There once was a woman, a shopper like you,
Who went out to Target, yes daily, it's true!

She called up her mother,"Do you want to come too?
Surely everyone must need just one thing or two."

Just a typical Target run, you know, something to do
Haven't been there since yesterday, lets go see what's new!

They grabbed a red cart, and Diet Cokes too
And started the ritual, known to more than a few!

I've got to grab toothpaste, and laundry soap too
Did you say you need chapstick or was it shampoo?

Let's get what we have to and meet back in a few,
Then we can start what we REALLY came here to do.

That didn't take long, it was just 10:02
58 minutes til closing, love the new hours, don't you?

They made it through home goods, and the shoe section too,
Before they had to head back, for cart number two!

"Finish your story about you know who,
but first, grab those mint M&M's, and hand me a few!

Just don't rip the bar code, so they can still scan it through
They don't have samples like Costco, but hey this will do!"

They wandered through children's and checked out mens too
then rounded the corner, and oh what a view!

Cozy flannel pajamas in most every hue
red plaids, silver snowflakes, and polka dots in blue

I'll take this one and that one, and here's one for you
too many to choose from, oh what's a girl to do?

I'll just get them all, Hubby won't have a clue
Once I take all the tags off, he'll never know they're new!

Make your final selections, your shopping is through,
Said the girl with the red shirt, working isle number two.

Then to the cashier where payment was due,
She gave little thought to the money she blew!

That a quick trip for toothpaste could yield 12 bags, who knew!
But with retail therapy like this, a girl could never be blue!

And so marked the end of their Wednesday run through,
That makes 5 trips this week, but I'm not counting, are you?


Aaron and Devon said...

I just love your posts. They are so fun to read. It never fails that when you just go in for one or two things that you come out with a cart full. I love Target.

where the wildthings grow said...

This is HALLARIOUS! And So true!
(See ya there tomorrow! Need to try those new M&M's)

Amber said...

SO True!!! What did we do before it was right around the corner. My husband knows that one of the stipulations to moving anywhere is it has to be within 10 mins to Target. Hey we've all got priorities right?!

Michelle said...

Ahhh Jen, this touched my soul! LOL

justjen said...

Michelle, thats because me and you are cut from the same cloth! It 's the good stuff! I am really going to miss shopping with you on Black Friday!! Next year...

Michelle said...

We'll miss you too. Chris looks forward to hanging with the guys. He'll be bummed. I've been going to therapy; retail that is. No plaid jammies yet, but plaid skirts! Three to be exact. Oh well, whose counting.