Thursday, June 5, 2014

May Tidbits

The rest of may looked kinda like this...
muffins with mom at garfield with the girl
lunch date with the sassy fashionista
trying to figure out why Wes is exhausted and loosing weight
Everyday's a play date with bestie Isabel
Drew committed to studying on his own in the mornings
furry guests attending family prayer
Boys trying to prove they're men
and can carry dad around like a baby
quality time with grandpa
watching the sun rise from the couch in my sun room
Got into the St George marathon for the 6th year in a row!!
Successfully lured Tiffany to her surprise 40th birthday party!
and we even allowed Loie to pose us for a silly group picture!
Closed down Savemart on a Saturday night after a few rounds of commando with the kids
Sunday dinner antics
Bike rides with the hubs on the bike I got him for his birthday
Constantly cracking up at Drew and his silly antics
Drew creepin on me from the back yard
Took Garrett and Drew to get glasses and contacts
And dad caught this bird inside the living room!!!

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