Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Memorial Weekend 2014

Patio perched
sublime sunset
girly getaway
reading and reclining 
stuffed with sea food
Friends and flames
playfully posing
hugs and happiness
gigantic and golden
looking like Leah
S'more making superstars
Wide eyed Wes
crazy kids
cute couple
toasty toes
beachside bonding
feeding frenzy
Beating the breeze
cheezin' and chillin'
Playing with pirates
hammin with hats
colorful candy
Posing with pops
Smiling and silly
Flailing and flying
Shirtless strutting
twisting and twirling
singing and swinging
laughing and lounging
Sunlit selfies
Late night leg wrestling
Early morning rising and running
Grinning with gramps
merry mermaid
Dorks digging
sand and smash ball
books and baking
weekend wonders.

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