Tuesday, February 12, 2013

It's All Fun and Games

It's all fun and games when the day starts with donuts, sunshine, a car full of cute boys, and skiing/snowboarding on the agenda.
 It was mostly just games while we were waiting for the boys boards to get waxed
 It was more than fun to find this big bunch of friends already on the mountain

It was definitely fun and games while Wes and his friend decided to hang with me for a bit
It was pure fun for Wes to land a jump like this one!
 It's always fun and games until someone breaks a bone....
Unfortunately that someone always seems to be Garrett!! Poor guy! We are heading in to the doctors office where I am sure he will confirm a broken clavicle.  Lovely.  At least the day started with fun and games!


Just Mom said...

I love reading your posts. So sorry about Garrett!! Live rough, play rough, and ... it's rough. Hope he's on the mend.

justjen said...

Thanks Bev, it's so true! Playing rough sometimes hurts, but we think its worth it!

justjen said...
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