Friday, February 8, 2013

The Love Month

Well we are a week into February, the month of love.   Here are a few things that are making me feel the love right now.
My sister.  We've been talking a lot more in the last little bit and I'm trying to figure out a way to go see her soon.  
My Christmas cards. Yep its February and they are still up.  I'm thinking of leaving them all year.  Love seeing the faces of so many people I love!
Love that we got a bit of snow last night and more on the way. 
Love that there is no school the next two Mondays and I can spend them skiing with my boys! ( The one in the middle isn't mine but I regularly claim him)
I love that this little one has caught the ski bug and is begging to come and learn as often as she can!
I love my snuggle bugs!! I love to snuggle and I love naps.  These two take after me in this way, but there is nothing sweeter than seeing the two of them a cuddled up together!
I love my dad.  We have always had a special connection.  We totally get each other.  It is so awesome to see that he and Brynne have a special connection too.
 When he is in town she begs to play with him.  They are adorable together and I love it!
Enough friends told me I HAD to watch Duck Dynasty on A&E so I did, and I couldn't be happier about it.  I love listening to these guys and their ridiculously hilarious perspectives on just about everything!

I love that we get to go full swing into girls camp preparations this month.  I get to serve as one of the assistant directors again this year under one of my besties.  Love the time with the girls and women and the program itself.  Above are handouts for our first meeting...
I have felt loved by friends who have reached out and checked in on me recently.  It's nice to know you're loved!

Love how excited Brynne was about this picture from her Winter program at school.  That girl just melts me!
 Loved Drews determination and heart at wrestling this year!  He took 2nd in the Area this year!!  Garrett took 2nd also and both were amazing to watch. Super proud of both of them both!! But I have to admit, I LOVE that we are done with this this sport for a while!
 Love this kid! He has had me in stitches laughing so much lately.  So glad he's mine!
And last of all my newest addiction... Valentine cookies from Panera.  
True LOVE!!!!

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