Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Concerts In The Park

Last week as I was pushing an overflowing cart from Costco in search of my car I got a phone call.  It was my dad.  I knew that he had picked up Brynne from school on my bike and that they were going to ride to Taco Bell for a snack and then to the park, so I was kind of surprised to hear from him.
"Any chance you're home or close to it?"
"Nope, not really, what's up?"
"Well...We just got to the park and Brynne raced into the bathroom.  She says she had an accident.  She took off her pants and her underwear and she won't put them back on, so she's in the bathroom here at the park and well, we're kinda stuck here.  I was hoping you could bring her a change of clothes."
Awesome. Between getting to my car, unloading the goods, and driving home, I was at least 15 minutes away.  The idea of Brynne standing around naked from the waist down in the cement cube of a restroom had me driving as fast as I could manage.  Luckily it was one of the bathrooms thats just a one toilet and a sink kind of deal, so other people wouldn't be coming and going, but still...
As I drove home I was thinking about how much fun Brynne and my dad had been having.  My mom had been out of town and the house gets kinda big and lonely, but Brynne had been over keeping him company.  They'd had a few sleepovers, played lots of games and watched movies. He had even introduced her to the classic Chitty Chitty Bang Bang! They were having some good quality time together and I just loved it.
I got home in record time, grabbed pants and underwear, and booked it over to the park.  As I came up the walk to the pavilion near the bathrooms I saw my dad sitting on the edge of a table doubled over. As he sat back up I saw tears rolling down his face, and then realized he was laughing and gasping for breath. He waved his arm at me to hurry over.  It took a bit for him to recover before he could tell me what was so funny.
They had been sitting there for a little while with Brynne in the bathroom and and my dad outside the door when she called through the door to him,"Grandpaaaaa, could you give me your phone so I'm not so bored in here while we're waiting for my mom?" He has tons of games on there that she loves to play and knew that would help pass the time, so he gladly slipped it in to her.  A few minutes later he hears this loud wailing sound coming from the bathroom.  The sound echoed off the cement walls and through the park.  He raced over to the bathroom door and threw it open.
The scene before him brought clarity to the situation.  It was now a few measures in and he recognized the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang theme song blaring out of his phone through youtube, accompanied by Brynne!  She was standing in the middle of the stark cold bathroom, purple suede knee high boots on, bare bum, and a purple sequined cardigan, mid dance move, arms up, booty out. A rock star in her own little world!  I seriously adore that girl!
By the time I had arrived the concert was over and my dad was still nowhere near done laughing.  He says for some reason it instantly brought to his mind me at about age 5, but I have no recollection of ever giving free concerts to innocent park goers from any bathroom stall.  I was laughing too hard to question him.
Brynne is known around our house to have an ipod or phone blaring music to sing along to any opportunity she can get.  We recently got a fun little speaker system that you can connect a mic to and Brynne has made good use of it.  But the bathroom concert at the park, now that took things to a whole new level!

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Tawna said...

This just makes my day!!!! What a GREAT story. hahaha. I love love love love love love love love this. hahah. Go Brynn! :)