Monday, October 26, 2009

Its a Jungle Out There

Belize lived up to all of my wild imaginations of what a jungle should be, and then some!
From the natives hanging like caged animals to the fence surrounding the port when we arrived, to the way they stalked their prey (us) on our way to meet our guide. Our 45 minute drive through the heart of Belize City and then out through the lush greenery to Jaguar Paw was an eye opening experience to say the least. We were thrilled when we arrived at the resort in the heart of the jungle. I almost expected to see Tarzan swinging through the trees at any moment!
We saw crazy trees with needles for bark and cute little frogs. We were swarmed by mosquitos and were on the look out for jaguars!!
We hiked through the jungle for about 20 minutes.

We stopped at an entrance into one of the cave systems that lie in and through the mountains. The limestone formations were amazing!
We continued a little further and climbed up to where we would begin our rappel.

The view was spectacular!
The drop was just over 185 feet.
At the bottom was an opening in one of the cave systems.

From here we would be climbing onto inner tubes and floating with the current in the river through the cave system. We saw some large groups come through, linked together.

We played in the water while we waited for our tubes to arrive from the resort.

We had a great time exploring, and were completely taken in by the beauty of the area.
Or guide Clarence was so much fun and full of information about the area and the history of the people.

There was an opening in the caves right at Jaguar Paw, where we reluctantly ended out tour.
We would love to have had more time in this tropical wonderland!

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