Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Get Your Groove Thang On!

Garfield Elementary has figured out one of the easiest recipes for a guarranteed good time.   Me, my guys, music and dancing equals a good night! The Mother and Son dance is a favorite of mine every year, and this one was no exception!
Drew and I thought it was going to be just us this year, but just as we were pulling out of the driveway Garrett decided to join us.
I have loved watching the boys personalities become more defined as they get a little older.  Both of these guys surprised me with their dance moves!  I was seriously cracking up as Drew and some buddies climbed up on top of the bleachers at the front of the stage while Dancing Queen blared through the speakers.
Garrett can wiggle his hips like nobody's business, and even has fun with a few throw back moves like the sprinkler.
Both of the boys were regularly in the center of a large circle just showcasing thier skills.  While so many of the boys were running all over the gym, my guys brought their friends over to where I was and actually wanted to dance with me.  I LOVED it!   Seriously, who can complain about an opportunity to get your groove thang on with two of the cutest boys around?  Not this dancing queen!

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