Monday, April 18, 2011

Through the River and Over the Woods

I hate leaving all the fun to the boys! I might need to borrow their clothes and their toys, but I want in on the action!  Saturday Tara, Kristie and I followed Aaron and Jeff off into the woods for some muddy fun, and just for the record, we held our own.
Riding the quads through the forrest, zipping around the corners, climbing steep hills of granite or dirt, forging our our paths over and around downed trees and straight through the creeks was exhilarating!
The muddy puddles were sometimes deep and navigating your way through them left the entire bottom half of my body wet and all of me muddy.  I loved it!!

I don't think I have ever taken a quad on such challenging trails before and I regularly found myself surprised as I watched our machines tear up the side of a steep hill climbing huge rocks along the way.  I was totally impressed as Tara pulled out of a deep puddle with her two front tires in the air at almost a 90 degree angle from the path.  She rode it out and continued along like it ain't no thang.
Aaron kept asking if we wanted to take one more trail or head back?  Always our answer was one more trail, until it was too dark to continue on.
Whatta day, whatta ride!!

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