Friday, September 23, 2011


Last Saturday the Van Wagenen's invited us to join them at a breakfast hosting presidential candidate Mitt Romney.  The large and beautifully landscaped yard where the event was held was filled with 300 people. Copies of Romney's new book No Apologies were placed on the table for each attendee.  The weather couldn't have been better for the morning gathering  and the company we were in was awesome.
I loved hearing Mitt speak, and loved even more hearing him answer the questions from the audience.  He is a business man not a career politician. 
 As he addressed comments and questions from health care to immigration,  Pakistan to education, our current president to our economy, and all of his answers made sense to me. I love that he supports competition as a way of stimulating our economy as well as improving our schools. It's time for our country to get back to the basics.
We have become the great country that we are through innovation and hard work, not through hand outs and bailouts.  Let's restore faith in our government and hope for the future.  Let's help elect Mitt Romney as our next President!!

* I wish I had taken better and more pics at this event, but I felt a little silly having the camera out that day

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