Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Olivine Pools

Friday we were all needing a day to just chill at the resort and recover from traveling
 Sarcasm reigned supreme as I asked the kids for a quick picture. Thanks dears.
 The boys goofed off and kept us entertained with their antics
And I enjoyed just sitting and doing nothing for the first time in a really really long time.
Saturday morning the boys made good use of the groceries we'd picked up and made us breakfast! 
 I went for a nice run from the resort and stopped every now and then to take a few pictures along the way.
 Love this row of palms stretching out toward the ocean on Front street.

 and this massive banyan tree that I couldn't even capture in a single shot
 I was even happier to see that same row of stretching palms on my way back to the resort. Such a gorgeous day!!
 When I got back the crew was ready for a little adventure
 Our destination just 30 minutes north of the resort was the awesome heart shaped pool with a few others you could play in as well
We weren't sure about bringing Brynne down there but decided a ride on Daddy's shoulders was the way to go.
 There were lots of fun places to jump into the pools from 
Always the daredevil Garrett was ready to go!
Both Izzy and Drew had some slips and falls just walking around checking out the pools

 Brynne let us know that this was unacceptable and she was ready to go.

 Eventually though curiosity got the better of her and she decided she wanted to check things out.
Brynne stuck by Jeff's side

And Izzy stuck mostly by mine
 The big boys checked things out and let us know the good spots to come explore

 I just couldn't get enough pictures because of how the colors popped against all that dark rock!
 Jeff helped Izzy over to this big cave so that I could snap everyone at once.
 But as cool as I thought this picture was the next two of Wes are probably my favorites from the day
 I loved this one of him looking up at me but was cracking up when he told me he wanted a womb picture.
 It's pretty dang funny if you ask me
 I loved watching my boys climbing and jumping like a bunch of 10 year olds
 and love how funny and silly they've been as we are all just hanging out together
Then all the climbing started. Wes scrambled up to salute on this rock
 So naturally Brynne insisted Jeff help her conquer the same one
 Drew  was next up the rocks.  
 This massive big kid playground was incredible to behold with all the textures and colors of the rocks set against the bright blue sea.

We loved exploring this place 
 Even Brynne was sad to leave!

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