Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Yes on Families,Yes On 8!

Proposition 8 is not a same-sex issue, it truly is a definitional issue. Defining the term marriage as between “a man and a woman”. Same-sex couples in California can enter into domestic partnerships. Ironically, heterosexual couples cannot enter into domestic partnerships. California Family Code 297 (b) 1.B states “persons of opposite sexes may not constitute a domestic partnership”So what is the difference between marriage and domestic partnership? There is NO difference in rights, benefits, responsibilities, etc. The only difference is marriage is between a man and a woman, and a domestic partnership is between individuals of the same gender.Nothing about Prop 8 is discriminatory or intolerant. It is about protecting a definition, and the institution the word represents.
Attributed to Andy Hiatt

Four years ago these rights were granted to same sex couples, now they say that is not enough. Now they want to change the definition of marriage, taking away my right to decide if and when my children are exposed to different lifestyles. What will they ask for next?
A yes on 8 vote, is a vote to protect our families, and to protect our rights as parents to decide what our children will be exposed to. Our family has spent several hours working to help this proposition pass. Jeff has dedicated his radio show discussion to this topic, and the boys have helped pass out door hangers. Sunday we spent several hours putting fliers on cars in parking lots, and then standing with friends and members of the community at a busy intersection in town holding our signs in show of our support on this issue. We were back last night in full force. It was a great learning experience for our kids and helped us all to recognise just how critical this is for the future of our communities and families. When we got home Sunday night Wes said, "Mom I feel so patriotic" I was proud of my boys as they stood tall with their Yes on 8 signs next to grown men, who were boldly holding their No on 8 signs.
Logan was our Mascot Super Yes on 8!
After an hour and a half in the drizzling rain, we met for dinner with friends.
Yes on the women sitting together so we could chat about girl stuff.

Yes on the husbands sitting on the other end to help keep the kids in their seats.

Yes on us being aware this crew is too young for a double date
Yes we were a bit irresponsible for putting this crew together in a public place!

Yes there were a few trips of pairs to the restroom from this group!

Get out there today and vote YES ON 8!!!


Tawna said...

Yea Jen! I am so proud of everyone in California and all the hard work of people there to help pass Prop 8! I saw a YouTube video where people lined Sunrise Blvd. in Sacramento for 7 MILES holding signs and dancing with them in the rain last week. Made me so proud to be from there. :) So proud of you and your patriotic boys! :) love ya', and hope to see you this weekend!

The Rowan Family- said...

I'm so glad that passed! See you in January!