Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Womens Conference

Rachel, Mom, Aunt Di, Janelle, Tara and Me

This was my 3rd year attending Women's Conference in Provo. I love gathering with women from all over the country on the beautiful BYU campus. There is such a sweet spirit and fun atmosphere when that many women come together!

Janelle, Mom, Me and Tara

We were all going on not too much sleep and feeling a bit sassy. I have to say the Hurd women are pretty dang fun when we have had no sleep, providing we also have no responsibilities!

We had a great time visiting between classes and even bumped into a few friends who we hadn't seen for a very long time. Tara ran into her friend Heather Leister, a dear friend since high school.
My mom ran into her friend Robin who was her freshman year roomie at BYU. She hadn't seen her since then! And I found my dear friend Tiffany who I hadn't seen for maybe 2 whole weeks!

Me and Tiff

We also ran into Sue Reese. She has been a friend of my moms since I was in elementary school. In fact her son is the one I tried to kick, missed and kicked the door and ended up with my crazy toe!!! It has probably been 15 years since we have seen her.
Sue and Mom

We had a great time behaving like Mia Maids at the concert on Thursday night, while my brother in law, aka Saint Peter, watched all of Janelles kids plus Brynne, Ashlyn and Jessica!
Try as we might to just be normal, it's just way too boring!

Rachel, Di, Mom, Janelle, Me, Tara, and Tiffany

As fun as is was to see so many friends and hear a few great presentations, the best part was spending time with my sisters!

Tara, Me and Janelle. I didn't get the lets all wear green memo!

All it takes is one word, one funny comment, one crazy pose...

or one very pregnant sisters leg being kicked into the air and we just go to pieces!

Sisters are the BEST!


Tara Rickards said...

Janelle has the best sassy face! That was a fun post! Thanks for leaving out my sleep deprived grumpiness and being such a good sister! I love you, Jen. I really am so glad you are my sister!

Janelle Ehat said...

So much fun Jen! It's always so much fun when you guys come up to visit! I miss having you guys close! Glad we are starting this as a tradition so I get a little more face time with you all! Love you!

shelleyv said...

I am so jealous. I wish I could have attended. I am for sure going next year! Hey I like how your guys are all coloring coordinated with the greens, tans and browns! very nice!

haley said...

Jealous also; I'm going to make it happen next year!! It looks like a complete blast.