Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Eleven Friends. Two cars. Lunch at Panera. A pit stop at the Gilroy Outlets. Two new jackets, one pair of pants, 2 tops, a pair of pajama bottoms, one swim suit cover up, 2 ties, and 3 bottles of Bath and Body lotions. Parking in San Francisco. Pouring down rain. Dinner at Johns Grill. The dessert menu...Disgusting surprises at the parking garage. An amazing performance of Wicked. A moment straight from an episode of 24 at the 7-11 in Livermore at 12:30 am. Laughter. A 2:30 am arrival home. Wicked Fun!


where the wildthings grow said...

You so need more information on this one! Wait, I need my popcorn! This is going to be good!

GREENLAW said...

so much fun!!! thanks AGAIN for organizing, etc., etc.... i want copies of these pics, please! :)