Friday, February 19, 2010

Hasta La Vista Baby!

It's that time again...We are heading off to where I won't be needing this card

but I'll be using this one twice

I will also need this

And will likely wear this at least once
Leaving San Francisco tonight and eventually arriving in Miami

Ten good friends will board the Carnival Liberty
(A few others were sooo close to joining us. They will be missed!)

Cruising to the privately owned island of Half Moon Cay Bahamas

Monday will be a day at sea followed by Scuba diving and shopping in lovely St Thomas

Next stop San Juan Puerto Rico for a little hiking, zip lining, and rapelling
Then moving on to turks and Caicos where we will dive again and also try our hand at this

Next up is a day of relaxation on the ship before arriving back in Florida for a day of sightseeing in Ft Lauderdale. I would just like to sleep a little bit before all the fun begins!

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GREENLAW said...

looks like paradise. enjoy!! (just a little jealous... not gonna lie.) :)