Thursday, March 4, 2010

Let the Fun Begin!!

For me, being a woman of many words, the hardest part of going on a trip like this one is knowing how to tell my story of an amazing week. Do I tell it day by day, or thematically, or one giant post trying to cram it all in at once? The other problem is deciding which pictures to post and how many is just too many. I have thousands. About half of them are from my camera, probably more, and I also have everything from everyone elses cameras too. The biggest problem though, is that there are no words to describe just how much fun we had. It was simply the best. I still don't know how my story will be told but I know that if I don't start somewhere it will never happen. I still haven't documented our Hawaii cruise last year for this very reason. I'll do my best to tell the stories and give you just a taste of our fun, but let this also be a warning to you. I will say too much and show too much and still you won't know the half of it. On that note, lets start at the begining...

Friday afternoon all five couples headed off to the San Francisco airport. Most of us were fairly sleep deprived. Haley and I had been texting eachother while packing at 1 am that morning! I was getting a horrible cold, which throughout the week I ended up sharing with Jeff and Tara. Jeff and I rode up with the Poulsens and after a few failed attempts, arrived at the long term parking garage at the same time as Tara and Jason. You could hear our whistling, yelling and honking at eachother echo throughout the structure. This was pretty much how we rolled all week. You knew when we were coming...

When we met up with the Brothers McCauley and their beautiful blonde babes, we had the passengers around us all entertained.

We were taking the red eye direct from San Francisco to Ft Lauderdale leaving at 10:40 pm, and arriving in Miami at 6 am. Jeremy had ordered up Ambien for all of us since we all swore it was impossible for us to sleep on planes. That stuff is amazing. I watched as everyone nodded off in a drunken daze before we even took off, and then I joined them in dreamland.

I think I got in about 2 1/2 hours of sleep on the entire 6 hour flight. Aaron slept like a baby and continued to do so as he waited for his luggage.

When we arrived in Ft Lauderdale and then shuttled to Miami we were told we couldn't board the ship until noon and it was just 9 am. We took a taxi across a brigde and over to a shopping area where we had a great breakfast. The guys spent their morning getting massages and in Brookstone, and we women hit up all the little shops!

By the time we boarded the ship we were dead tired and in desperate need of naps. We had booked our rooms all next door to eachother, but none of us heard anyone else as we each left our rooms after showers and naps. We all bumped into eachother on the deck by the pool with ice cream cones in hand!

Not a single one of us could wipe the smiles off of our faces even when we had to go to our muster station!
As we pulled out of the port we could still feel the warm sun beating down on us as it set behind the high rises of Miami. Let the fun begin!

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