Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Out to Sea

We spent two days at sea while on our cruise. We all loved that we could sleep in late and wouldn't be missing out on anything other than breakfast. Because there were so many of us finding chairs around the pools together was next to impossible. In fact by the time any of us were up it was hard to find any chairs available around the pools or anywhere else for that matter. Both days we ended up finding a stack of chairs on the very top of the ship at the back. It was pretty windy up there but we were just glad to find somewhere we could all spread out.

All of us girls had brought multiple books on the trip and had no problem sitting out all day in the same chair reading, sleeping, listening to music, chatting, and leaving occasionally for the necessary ice cream cones before, after, and in between meals.
The guys on the other hand, didn't sit still much. They found the shuffle board game right up near where we had set up shop for the day. They had a blast with that.

They would take dips in the pool that always turned into a competition of sorts, who can hold their breath the longest, who can swim the most laps while holding their breath and then eventually who can make the biggest cannon ball. The last one almost got them kicked out of the pool area permanently. The no diving signs and the 5 foot deep water had not deterred them one bit! Tara and Talli caught some of their pool time on camera.
(pre cannon ball contest)
(another contest)

(And we've been spotted!)

On the last day it was a bit overcast and ended up being pretty darn chilly, but we were determined to spend the day pool side.

Somehow I convinced all the guys and Haley and Tara to come do the water slide with me. It was freezing cold and windy as can be as we ran up to the top singing happy birthday(an inside joke that had to be documented) and huddling together until it was our turn to go and we got the all clear sign from below. We flew down that thing at crazy speeds, raced out and hopped straight into the hot tubs. I felt like such a little kid running around on the water slide and swimming when in was clearly too cold to do so. But what a feeling to be so completely care free for those few days! The result of my two days at sea were 3 books read and a great tan. Enough said. At least in my book!

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christensen crew said...

How fun!!! I am so jealous right now! What an amazing (kid free) get away.