Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Going Green

A few weeks ago I bought a green wig, deciding on a whim that I would wear it wherever I went on St Paddy's Day. Last week when Haley and I were talking about going skiing and choosing a day, Wednesday was the only one that worked for both of us. On Monday it dawned on me that I would be skiing on the Irish holiday. I decided I'd wear my wig anyway and decided to head back for the green boa. I texted Haley last night and asked if she would join my crazy antics. She responded "TOTALLY!" I was thrilled, and headed back to Target for a matching get up.

I thought it was so interesting that because we obviously werent taking ourselves too seriously, we were somehow more approachable. Everywhere we went everyone had something to say, at the very least we got a HUGE grin.

People called out to us from the chair lifts as we would ski below them, and they would look up and wave as we rode the lift up the hill. We heard it all today, lots of "Happy St Patricks Day"s and tons of "LOVE the boas ladies!", we were offered drinks in the cafe, and hit on more times than I care to remember. I blame the latter on the massive amounts of alcohol traditionally consumed on this holiday. Regardless, it was the most entertaining St Patricks Day I've had to date!

Outrageous clothes make for fun days. We were rock stars today. Tomorrow I'll happily go back to my regular old self, but just for today I had fun going green!


haley said...

That was the best day ever! Thanks for soooo much fun.

Tara Rickards said...

Looks like so much fun! You guys are so cute! How is it that you make green hair look like it could actually work?!

shelleyv said...

Hey Friend, That totally reminded me of something you and I would do. That looked so fun!