Monday, March 8, 2010

A Sandy Slice of Heaven

183 Miles from Ft Lauderdale Florida is a little slice of heaven
Surrounded by nothing but aqua blue waters and skies to match
It's known by the locals as Half Moon Cay Bahamas

In my mind it will always be synonymous with laughter
relaxation and beauty

The shore line is dotted with charming little buildings

Wander off any worn pathway,

and you will be led to the waters edge by the finest, powdery, white sand you will ever see

The beach is one giant party, laughter and conversations weave in and out of the music. The air is rich with the smell of burgers on the grill and coconutty suntan oils

You can wittle the day away reading
resting and just chatting away
or worshipping the warm carribbean sun
wandering in the waves
or sailing,

even if you haven't since you were a 12 year old scout

the possibilities here are endless

You can even try to fly

Just hold on tight,

and only look down if you dare
the experience will almost equally thrill and terrify you

but the view from above will most certainly be worth it
and the ride won't be long enough

The only thing wrong with this sandy slice of heaven, is that eventually you WILL have to leave

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