Friday, March 5, 2010

Schmell Bell

Happy Birthday to my youngest sister Janelle. Somehow while she is the youngest of the 3 Hurd girls she is also the one with the most. Janelle has the most inches in height by a long shot. Tara tops out at 5'2"and a half, I'm 5'4" and Janelle is 5'8". She also has the most obvious talents. I'm sure Tara and I are good at things, but they're not things you would think of right off the top of your head. Janelle she has the most of these too. Janelle is the only one of us girls that really can sing, and she does it well. She is also is incredibly artistic. She takes beautiful photos with such a creative eye and she is a whiz with photoshop. I've seen her iron a wrinkled dress, remove a chin or two, flatten out a lumpy tummy, add a touch of color to cheeks and swap out heads in family photos seamlessly. She is a magic worker. Janelle also does the most amazing scapbook pages that her children will cherish forever. Janelle also has the most kids of all the Hurds to date. They are one dang cute bunch and full of personality. Janelle is a patient mom and relishes in motherhood. As she was growing up she would always say she wanted at least 10 kids. If anyone could do it, Janelle can.

Janelle is always bending over backwards to help out anyone in need. She was the one who would always leave us notes on the fridge as we were growing up reminding us when it was fast Sunday. She has always been more mature than her years would ever let on. We all adore her awesome husband Peter who she still swoons over. We miss having them in town to hang out with but know they love it right where they are in their little community in Lehi Utah.

Nelly, Janellie-kins, Schmell Bell, mother to all and friend to just as many, happy birthday. You are loved and appreciated more than you know. Hope you are pampered and cared for today and that you treat yourself to a little selfish fun!

(Be grateful my scanner is down. I had every intention of posting lots of old family pictures here today! Maybe I'll come back and add them later... In the mean time I thought I'd post these pics from last year. Good times!)

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Janelle Ehat said...

Aww Jen! That was so sweet! I don't know how I missed it on my birthday! I guess it's because I didn't get on the computer much until just now! Thank you so much Jen! That was seriously the sweetest thing ever!