Sunday, March 28, 2010

Go Big or Go Home...Grand Turk

Grand Turk, their motto could be, "go big or go home!" Everything about this place was the biggest and the most.

The weather when we arrived was the BEST! Sunny not too hot. Perfect sandy beaches
the bluest water
Jeff, Jason, Jeremy and I had made arrangements with the GREENEST dive shop in Grand Turks
Inside and out!
We were joined by the RUDEST couple on the boat, and led by the most SILENT dive master I could have ever imagined.

Our dive location was one of the most amazing I've been to yet. GREAT visibility, an awesome wall, PERFECT water temps, and way cool sea life. We swam through caves and tunnels and saw sting rays and sea turtles and crazy looking fish.
Our equipment on the other hand was GARBAGE! I got down to 30 feet and couldn't catch my breath on a full tank of air. I had to go back up and swap out my equipment with our LESS than helpful dive master Smitty. Then Jason had a crummy fit on his mask and did NOT have the best diving experience.
On our second dive Jeremy actually ran out of air, and the divemaster was aware of the situation and headed in the other direction to go fishing!! Lucky for Jeremy he was in the BEST of company, and he was able to buddy breathe with me.
When we came up from our dive we were greeeted by POURING rain and HUGE crashing waves. We learned later that all of the other dive tours had been cancelled due to the weather.
Smitty the MUTE, brought us back to the the beach near our ship. He had MAJOR problems trying to turn around and get back to the shop.
The beach was DESERTED! Not a single soul was in sight.
The shops and pool looked pretty much the same.
However the action was still going on at the Flowrider. It is a simulated wave machine where you can learn to surf and body board. They only allow 15 people to sign up for each time slot and it is in high demand. The rest of our group was scheduled for this while we were diving. Jason left after the first dive to make it back in time for his turn.

Being in the water was much warmer than being out. We huddled in the pool and watched the guys FREEZE and have a BLAST!
notice how EVERYONE in this picture is folding their arms! It was FREEZING!

When they were done we dried off as much as we could and sat around in the resturaunt Margaritaville eating "real food" as opposed to "ship food" which at this point we were pretty much done with.
The music played,
the wind blew, the rain stopped
Best sun, best beaches, bluest water, worst gear, rudest pair. Coolest wall, coldest wind, biggest waves, bigger scare. Most fun, strongest wind, best food. Greatest friends, best week, last stop. Go big or go home!

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