Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Happy Week

So, do you want to know how bad I've got it? Last Friday I went skiing completely alone. Loved it. I purchased my season pass, and appartently lost all sense of responsibility as well. Three times since then I have deposited my children at school and promptly headed for the hills. Literally. If the rain had continued a few more hours last night, our opening day of baseball would have been cancelled and I would have had the entire family on the slopes today.

Again, I am admitting the addiction, and plan to do absolutely nothing about it. Call me crazy. Go ahead, I already know it to be true.
I also know that I am happy. Joyful even. Sometimes as I am skiing down a hill I have to remind myself to just stop smiling. It makes my teeth kinda cold anyway. When I brought Tara up with me at the begining of the week we ended up with just over 2 1/2 hours to ski.

It started snowing so hard on us that we both went into the ski shop and bought masks to wear.

We became the girls with no faces. We looked awesome. We laughed so hard at all our little mishaps, and especially at how silly we looked. It was an absolute blast. Totally worth it, even with our limited time to ski.
I spent another day solo on the slopes and then came back again with friends. This time Kirsten, Tara and Jason, Talli and Jeremy and their little girl Megan all came up to play.

The day was so beautiful we even ditched our coats and extra layers for the first half of the day. It was so much fun to have everyone up there with me!

We took lots of pictures, and shared lots of laughs. Especailly when Talli lost one of her skis on the way up the lift in the exact place Tara had just a few days before!

I promise I will not be blogging about every ski trip I make or continue to bore you with my newfound love for this sport. But being that this is as close as I get to journaling, I wanted to document just how nuts I've gone. My next step is finding a good pair of skis. What we have spent in rentals in just the last few weeks I could have purchased a pair by now. Any suggestions?

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Kirsten said...

again, i need those pics! :) such a great day.... thanks! hope we can go again soon!