Saturday, June 19, 2010


Really, can't it just be as simple as getting into the car and going on vacation?  Nope, not for this crew anyway!  Last week I loaded up the boat with all of our camping gear and Jeff tied it all down.  He felt like he could use a bit more rope but for some reason we just loaded up and left for Whiskeytown Lake.  About an hour into the drive my big red duffle bag with all of my clothes and swim suits etc. took a detour!  It blew out of the boat and exploded onto the freeway!
The boys told Jeff that a lady in the car next to them was trying to get his attention.  (I was driving Jeff's car and was about 30 minutes ahead of them)  By the time the realized what had happened my bag was 2 miles back!  Pulling the boat with all of the gear made the recovery mission a little slower than we would have liked.  Jeff found the next exit, turned around and went back the opposite direction on the freeway, spotting my bag and a few loose articles of clothing and four pair of underwear spread across the freeway!
He took the next off ramp and got back onto the freeway, heading towards my clothes.  Just as he was pulling up to where my bag was, a CHP officer loaded it into his patrol car and drove off!!  Jeff had to chase him down to get my bag, then start the whole loop again to retrieve my loose articles.  A few of them had found new homes...
When we met up in the Target parking lot to buy more rope, I couldn't believe how trashed my bag was. The zipper was totally detached, there was a rip in the side, the handle was broken off and the rolling portion was destroyed.  The saddest part though was my shoes, they lost their bling!
Sometimes it seems like all we can do just to arrive at our destination in one piece!

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