Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Pinewood Traditions

Every spring there is the most fierce competition throughout every LDS community.  There are techniques handed down from generation to generation.  Secrets, methods and strategy.  Dad’s scramble home from work and pull out their tools.  They’ll say its for their sons, but lets be honest this is all about the dads.  
It’s the Pinewood Derby!  Every dad who can remember racing their own car down that track, can also remember the thrill of the win or the blow of defeat.  Years later, armed with their own tools and a much better understanding of the laws of physics they are ready to give it another go.  All in the name of their sons of course.
The track set up and methods of determining the various heats, lane selections, and what order this all happens in can be the cause of more than a few heated “discussions”.  There is ALWAYS at least one child in tears by the end of the event.  
 The awards can be huge trophies, medals, certificates, or a firm handshake.  It doesn’t even matter.  Bragging rights are the reward these racers are after.  
Of course none of them will tell you any of this is true, and in the end they are all good sports.  They shake your hand and give you that smile, but if  you look closely you can still see the thrill or defeat in their eyes.  Better luck next year...and the tradition continues...
*not that this is exactly the way it goes down in my house, but rather a broad generalization, and not necessesarily a negetive one, just one that is entertaining when you are on the outside looking in!

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