Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Pure Brilliance!

Forrest Gump hit the nail on the head with that whole, "life is like a box of chocolates..." bit!  It's true, you don't know what you'll get, and quite frankly what you get isn't always what you want.  After carefully staring into the box you finally decide on a piece of chocolate and you get one bite into it and just wanna call it quits and go in search for a good one. You know you've done it, everyone does!
With this being the new year and everyone embarking on new years resolutions that might last through the week and crazy fad diets that might last through the day, I thought I'd share a stroke of brilliance I had this morning while indulging on a breakfast of Sees candy.  Like the rest of you I'm determined to work off the extra few pounds that were given to me like a gift this holiday season and feel more like lumps of coal now that the festivities have been shut down.  I'll be running a few more miles and maybe even putting in some double workout days in the coming weeks.  I'll be trying to consume a few less carbs and a bit more lean protein like the rest of the country has likely vowed to do, but I gotta be honest with you.  This girl's not giving up on chocolates entirely.

As I bit through the milk chocolate into some bitter, cherry tasting nastiness, I thought  of all the calories wasted in the deceiving treat I had indulged in.  Jeff would have loved that piece but there was no way he was gonna pick it up out of the box and eat it after I had already chomped into it!  And then it hit me, a stroke of pure brilliance, and I ran to the kitchen for a knife. I just  cut every last chocolate in half.  Now I can examine the contents of these little morsels before digging in. Bye bye wasted calories!  I've just reclaimed several seconds of my life back too since I won't have to waste time staring into the box and wondering which ones might actually be "the good ones".  In some small way feel like I have triumphed over the sneaky fellows over at Sees who don't want want me to know what I'm getting into.  Ha! Take that old Sara See! I wonder what Forrest Gump would think of this. I know what I think, pure brilliance!


Carie said...

Great minds think alike! I've done this for years, it's the only way to eat candies.

Karen said...

No! No knife needed. Just stick your finger in the bottom of the candy and pry it open just a tad. You can see what is inside and if you don't like it, it goes right back together. You put it back in the box and nobody can tell the bottom has a tiny peek hole in it. I just taught Derek that trick this Christmas at Grandma's.

haley said...

Haha that's a great idea!

Tawna said...

How can I do this with dating? ;)