Friday, May 18, 2012

Lessons Learned

 This morning Brynne and I set off for a long day of driving for doctor appointments in the bay area.
Brynne begged for me to stop at a McDonalds for some eggs and hash browns. I don't understand why I have such a difficult time resisting this guilty pleasure of a breakfast each and every time I head out on an early morning road trip, but today was no exception...
The appointments were nothing like what I was anticipating, but very informative for me.  
While Brynne used the paper on the hospital bed as a sketch pad, I got a crash course on kidney function complete with diagrams on the other end  of the bed.
After a few hours of meeting with 6 different doctors and my head swimming with medical terminology, we were outta there, and all smiles! 

 We may have even been a little loopy!
Halfway home Brynne needed to use a restroom and we were miles from any civilization.  I decided it was time I taught my daughter the art of roadside relief.   We opened the doors to the front and backseat   to provide a little privacy.  I decided to play it safe and completely remove her shorts and underwear before we discussed the squatting.  When she was done and all cleaned up, her shorts and underwear were nowhere to be found.  I searched the car for nearly 10 minutes wondering how I could have lost them.  And then I considered the strong winds, and realized those babies were GONE!!!! Brynne had on nothing but a t shirt and we were an hour and a half from home.  Being the neat freak that I am, there were no towels, blankets, big brothers t shirts or even a sweatshirt to be found floating around in the car.  If either of us needed to use a restroom before we got home she was going to be going in half naked!  I started cracking up in disbelief.   Not only had her shorts just blown away with her panties inside them, somehow I had never even seen them go, and now we were poised for some potentially super awkward moments!  
 Luckily, we only drove about 200 yards down the road before I spotted a splash of bright pink across the freeway in the center divide.  I couldn't believe our luck! Brynne was spared the exhibitionist experience, and I will ALWAYS think twice before removing anyone's pants on the side of the road! Ah yes, today was full of important life lessons! 

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Tawna said...

hahaha ahhh Jen! Soo funny! Brynne must have been a good little trooper! haha. She'll love that story later. :)