Sunday, May 6, 2012


So heres the deal... I have lots to update and as usual, tons to say. The only problem is that I cant see very well yet and it makes the writing process a bit frustrating.  Truth is everything is a bit frustrating when you can't see. I can see colors, shapes, and movement, but nothing is clear or crisp.  There are no edges in my world right now, everything just cozies right up and into whatever is next.  Words are shapes that amazingly I can mostly recognize, but not with much certainty.  My counters look clean until I lean an arm into the crumbs of someone's toast.  It's impossible to distinguish between one black shirt and another without pulling it out of my closet for closer inspection. The shoes in my closet are now impossible to find.  Even the conversations around me have taken on a fuzzy quality and I have realized just how much I depend on my eyes to understand what is being said. So for now as the healing process trickles along, I'll do my best to embrace the warm fuzzies, but honestly, I'm ready for some clarity!

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