Friday, April 27, 2012


 A year ago I felt like my world crumbled out from underneath me as I lost the use of my right hand for nearly 4 months when I fractured my scaphoid.  The scar has healed up pretty nicely and I'm mostly back to all of my old activities. I don't think I'll ever be able to do a push up again, my wrist just doesn't bend that way any more.  Any attempt to do so is pretty painful, but for the most part, life is back to my crazy normal.
one year post surgery

 Not one to leave well enough alone, I'm having surgery again today.  This time it's completely by choice.  My husband arranged for me to have LASIK surgery as a birthday present this year.  Apparently thick corneas are all the rage with LASIK, even my very thinnest friend has them. Me, not so much!  Mine are too thin.  Not that I mind saying that some part of me is too thin, but it does makes LASIK impossible, so it's PRK for the girl with thin corneas.  Pretty much the same procedure to correct the vision, but instead of cutting a flap out of the cornea and doing the surgery on the inner layer of the cornea I have to get mine done on the outer layer.  Of course, this takes longer to heal...stinking corneas!
The good news is that this surgery takes four days to heal from and not four months and then this girl will be contacts and glasses free!! Bring it on!

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