Monday, April 23, 2012

Snakes, Bulls and Bees Oh My!!

Adventures with friends are always the best
Windy mountain roads, and a few u turns were all it took to get us to the Gorge Trail.
Wild turkeys and the questionable men hunting them didn't deter us from our course
And while we couldn't imagine jumping off the bridge like some kids we know, we were loving the views!
 As we rounded a corner someone noticed the hum in the air and then the swarm of bees overhead.  The sound was electric and the hive was massive, like the size of a large dog!  We contemplated a bit and then forged ahead...
not a single sting, but our heart rates were definitely up for bit after that! 
We laughed at the skull we found a little further along the trail as we had just contemplated our own mortality.
Not much further along Kim stopped Charisse from clomping onto a fat snake soaking up the sunshine in the middle of the trail!  We tried to get it to move and eventually had to go off the trail a ways just to  walk around it.
 We laughed as we joked about how bad things always come in threes and wondered just what would lie in our path next.
 Another few miles along and it was no laughing matter.  This bull and a few calves were posted in the center of our  path as we came up a ridge.  We patiently waited for them to move along, but they didn't move far and the bull gave us a serious stare down as we passed!
The hike was a good one, a beautiful 8 mile loop with some awesome freinds, but seriously...snakes, bulls AND bees? Oh my!!

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