Sunday, April 8, 2012


Perfection is pretty hard to come by, but every once in a while you get it.  When you do, I highly recommend you relish in it!
As the saddest excuse for a ski season was starting to wind down, mother nature saw fit to gift us with a delicious storm delivering more feet of snow in a three day period than we had seen all year.  It just so happened that our annual Tahoe trip was set to begin the very next day.  Our timing was pure perfection!
The gorgeous house we called home for a few days was perfectly located, and actually had enough rooms for all of us.  Not quite perfect for the Greenlaws who got to bunk up in twin trundle beds, and nobody would have complained if there were 6 instead of 4 full bathrooms and a hot tub, but seriously, it was pretty close to perfect.
The conditions at Squaw Valley on Friday were absolute perfection.  Clear blue skies, and just cold enough to keep all that snow exactly the way I dream of it!
The Larinator decided it was the perfect time to show us he doesn't ALWAYS wear khakis and a button front shirt under those snow bibs while Suzanne got to show off her cute new coat.
Tara was excited to for her first experience skiing in Tahoe, and Jason was still smiling after scoring a room at the house that would be perfectly accommodating should the ninjas choose to visit!
Reed and Shelley had skied the previous day in less than perfect conditions and were just glad that the wind had blown away.
Kirsten was perfectly happy to let Corey wander through the trees while she stuck to the tried and true.
Perfect passes
with perfectly creative form were seen pretty regularly from these guys
but if this run in had gone any further, the results would have been perfectly disastrous!
Unfortunately Tiffany's perfect notes couldn't be heard over the howl of the wind at the top of Siberia,
and our husbands were certain we were crazy when we decided it was the perfect place for a photo op!  
I discovered that three was the perfect number of faces for ski lift picture taking
And it didn't take long for these three ladies to decide they were perfectly suited to sticking together on the slopes.
 While we did get one shot of Kirsten facing forward 
She was perfectly comfortable putting her best side front and center!
While some of us were perfectly content just spending the day with our spouses
Reed and Shelley took it to the next level and came perfectly coordinated
two days in a row!!!!

Lunch time with this crew was totally entertaining.  
Some people are perfectly at ease wearing their helmets indoors and through meals just because they happen to rock the look.  Others do it purely in self defense. You never know when a light fixture will fall, the other shoe will drop, or when you'll just end up seated by Reed.
If you can't decide between a rare hamburger three times in a row or the pizza, this guy's got the perfect combination.  Hot chocolate, a hard boiled egg, and a pickle of course.
Perfectly normal...
Day two was off to a perfect start, taking 10 instead of 45 minutes to get to the resort, and front row parking!
Last year the men got all the attention ending with a swedish girl on sombody's  lap but this year it was all about the ladies!  I think I have some pretty cute friends, and the compliments they were attracting from the guys up here came as no surprise...but I just about died laughing when my friend kept a perfectly strait face and answered another couple,"Sure you can ride up the lift with us, you know we are a pretty good looking crew!"    
The views of the lake on Saturday were still perfect, but the day did play out a little differently than the one before.
We had now perfected the art of waiting for the rest of the group
and sometimes sampling a few laps along the way
The sun shone a little brighter and a little warmer than the day before
and by the day's end we knew perfectly well what it would be like to ski in an icee shaped like the runs off Siberia, and ice cubes the size of VW beetles!
The Larinator may have lost that perfectly happy smile just once due to an encounter he had with Olympic Lady
Reed  came across him and a yard sale there that allegedly only takes place once about every 5 years.  Luckily Larry's lovely bride perfectly recalled the mantra he so regularly repeats and did her best to cheer him up,"If you don't fall at least once, you're not trying hard enough!"  
Our evenings were spent with a perfect mix of ridiculous games (that the women won), eating way too much chocolate, and watching the classics such as Napoleon Dynamite, Nacho Libre, and a smattering of BYU basketball.
Some of us might have been happy to turn the lights on and just leave them, but others really needed to work with that dimmer to be sure the lighting fit the mood just perfectly! This prompted others to burst out in song...
 Sitting down at a great restaurant can really be the cherry on top of a perfect day.  We made sure to call ahead to the restaurants in Tahoe to let them know we'd be coming with "Miss America" and in retaliation the next night, Reed became the mayor of Clovis.  I'm pretty sure that's how we got that perfect parking spot right up front.  On the way home we stopped somewhere we hoped we might get the Lee Fong special.
MSG or not, we were all perfectly fine with passing on the chicken claws and frog legs, regardless of how much salt and pepper were on them.
But if there was one thing not to be missed at the No. 1 Buffett, it was the ice cream. Jason's perfectly swirled cone left him one satisfied customer.
Tara was a little harder to impress, definitely not giving them a perfect 10, but by taste number 2 she did change her tune!
Between Reed and Shelley they almost had one perfectly balanced meal
Corey pretty much only ate the sushi so he could show off his perfect chop stick skills
Tiffany only needed one good reason to eat here, she didn't have to cook it!
And somehow the Larinator missed the memo on what number the buffett was.
One perfect weekend, two perfect ski days, and at least three perfectly good reasons to do it all again next year.
Another dose of perfection? Yes please!

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