Friday, October 19, 2012


A sad little laugh escaped my mouth as I came padding in from the office with my laptop under my arm, and looked at the arsenal on my nightstand.  Ready to hunker down into my covers and escape into my happy place I was armed with all the necessities. Books, laptop, double stuft Oreos, and a mug of milk for dunking purposes.  The thought that preceded the laugh was, "Well that looks like trouble!"

The message on my mug hit home for me tonight.  The friend who gave it to me is exactly that kind of good friend who sticks with you until you are unstuck.  Sometimes I am just plain dumb, and on occasion I really blow it.  I am so grateful for a friend who sees me with all of my flaws and loves me still. I'm sure I don't deserve it.

We all cope in different ways with the things we get stuck in.  I have a few I tend to rely on.  Sleep, the master of all escapes, chocolate, exercise, retail therapy and just staying busy.  Tonight I read a great  blog post that I could so relate to.  It was titled "Busy; My Drug & My Defense".  I highly recommend the read.  But for tonight, busy isn't my problem. In fact quite the opposite. Tonight is a milk and cookies kind of night.  It's a loose myself in a book after some time on my computer kind of night.  I have all day tomorrow for busy.

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