Sunday, October 13, 2013

A Little Adventure

 One Friday morning not too long ago the five of us headed off to Yosemite for a little adventure. 
While Kirsten and I have done this trip a few times, we were clearly not paying enough attention. Turns  out that finding things like the right parking lot, restrooms, and even the trail head can be a bit of an adventure. 
 We were ready for something challenging, so hiking in the blazing hot sun up the switchbacks to Yosemite Point was totally no big deal.  So was staying ahead of the sweet stinking Austrians who were half our age.
Charisse says we needed a little bit of danger to keep things exciting, so we totally disregarded this sign and decided that counts.
 And if it didn't then me scrambling down the rocks underneath this bridge to retrieve my camera battery seemed to fall under the dangerous category as far as my friends were concerned, so we definitely had that base covered.
 So what that Kirsten and I led our group right past our super cool favorite lunch spot thinking that it was at the end of the trail when it totally wasn't. It was that one we passed a little over a mile back, but really it was better because those young Austrians finally caught up with us again.  This worked to our advantage because they were completely willing to be our paparazzi for a minute.  It was also good because we were probably making them feel bad that a bunch of women maybe almost twice their age were totally beating them up the hill.  If they felt bad about this they might not look back at their time here very fondly and may never want to come back.  This just wouldn't be good for US tourism, so we decided to take one for the team and go ahead and let them beat us down the hill. At least that's our story and we're sticking to it!
 Besides we still needed to stop at our super cool lunch spot even though we had already eaten our lunch on the top of the world.  
 It might have looked a bit sketchy coming down and may or may not have had some people a little nervous and considering not coming, but in the end we made it. The view would have been way better if all that darn smoke from a nearby fire wasn't in the way, but still everyone agreed, it was super cool.
 We all also agreed that Tiff's dad probably shouldn't see this picture of his daughter sitting on the edge of this cliff with just a few metal bars to stop her from falling.  She was already living dangerously just coming on the hike!
And the danger continued as she spotted a blond bear as we were leaving the park.  At least she was pretty sure it was a blond bear. Sure enough to climb up on her seat and clap her hands like a little monkey.  Not that any of us could verify the sighting, our research was a bit inconclusive.   
There were a few other things that might have required verification as well. Like whether or not you can feel someone lick the back of your elbow, the 12 miles we for sure hiked and whether or not El Sids sour cream really is delicate. But whatever, we wore our dirt tans on our ankles proudly and called the day a complete success!

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