Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Chaos That is My Life

Last weekend all these kids and a few adults just showed up at the house ready to work.  I was ready for the help! We had just 2 more days to pack up the house.
Jeff had been working on a trial for the three weeks that we were moving and he had been working until late into the night every night. He was hardly home and definitely didn't have time to help with the move.
We had two huge yard sales two Saturdays in a row and sold SO MUCH STUFF!
It was crazy and exhausting but totally worth it.
Monday morning I walked through the rooms of our home for the last time and then locked the door.  It was a little difficult to close it knowing I wouldn't ever be there again. I don't know why I was so sentimental over it. We are ready for this next chapter.
It was really nice to know though that all of our stuff would be under one roof again. The previous week when we had moved just furniture and everything else including clothes was still at the other house, Garrett got out of the shower early one morning only to realize he had nothing to put on! He came in to my room and asked for a ride to the old house. I stumbled out of bed followed him out the door.  When we were in the front yard finally I noticed he wasn't wearing anything but a towel! I snapped a picture of him because I thought it was so funny. He didn't know what was taking me so long and gave me an exasperated hurry up, "Mom...hello...naked...?" 
The house is coming along nicely. All the granite counter tops in the kitchen laundry room and bathrooms are in.
My kitchen sink arrived even better in person than what I could see online
I found a copper hood that would work above the stove, and was even able to choose a different pattern for the design on the front of it.  It's on its way still.
My mom and dad's bathroom isn't quite done yet. the showers are almost done, then the floor goes in, then they can put in the toilet, and then all the workers will be done traipsing in and out of the room and my mom will be okay to bring in all of her furniture and belongings.
The other bathroom downs stairs is just waiting on the shower to be finished as well, but the floors are already in.
My sunroom that was once a balcony was just a little further along than this last saturday but they put that project on hold because I had a more pressing matter.
We finally figured out a solution to the small closet space in the master bedroom and they guys started construction on the new closet last Saturday.
Right above the entry on the same day as we were trying to wrap up our move. It was nuts but couldn't really be avoided.
With of all these rooms being in various stages of construction and all of the things that belong in the rooms being displaced and scattered around the house, there was nowhere to put the stuff from the old house.  I don't think I could have gotten the move done without all the help I had on Friday night, but with that many helping hands there was no way to really direct where to put everything.
 The result was pure chaos. Boxes covering almost every inch of flooring in most rooms.  There was still no water anywhere downstairs and no stove no dishwasher, so we were on week three of strictly  eating out.
 The back patio was covered in projects from various subs plus all of the furniture my mom still needs to stain.
 My moms clothes were still in her old closet up stairs because her closet wasn't quite finished as well as all of her stuff in the bathroom because that isn't working yet either.  My stuff covered the game room .
 And by the time we finished, I had just a small walkway through my bedroom.  Things stayed like this most of the week as we have all been pulled in various directions.  Anyone who really knows me knows what torture this was for me.  I'm the girl who doesn't go bed with a dish still in the sink or socks on the floor.  I just can't relax when I know there's a mess I'll be responsible for later.  I hate starting the next day off behind.  But I lived through this mess for several days! Pretty much a miracle.  My room looks much better now. The kitchen looks even worse because we've been trying to get through all the boxes.  The showers were grouted today, and my closet will be completely finished by the weekend and my sunroom by next week.  We now have sinks that work downstairs and a stove and dishwasher.  We can function and there is light at the end of the tunnel.  But I'm not gonna lie, its sooooo nice to be sleeping in a hotel bed in a spotlessly clean room in St George Utah tonight!  I'll be back to the mess on Sunday.  Until then I'm going to relish in this empty room!

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