Saturday, December 20, 2008

November...where did you go?

I don't know where the month went but here are all the things we did
Nov. 1-4 Yes on 8 Campaign
Nov. 7 Mother and Son pics
Nov. 8-10 My mom and I took my 3 youngest and my nephew Austin and headed off to Utah!
We arrived just in time to shower and head out to the last BYU home game of the season!
Go Cougars!

No matter that we really couldn't have had seats any higher up, the boys were totally engrossed in the game!

Aunt Di and Tyler with the California Crew

Sunday Dinner at Aunt Di's house!
After a weekend of football, crafting, Tai Pan Heaven, and more shopping it was back to Fresno, only to leave less than 24 hours later with Wes to 6th grade camp at Sonora!
Nov. 12-14 Mom and Wes at Camp
These were my roomies! We had fun switching the girls rooms around and holding an after hours dance party with glow in the dark bracelets! Still breaking all the rules...
The kids learned a lot.
Here is Wes in a shelter he and 3 friends built
One of the best things we did was a ropes course. Here is Wes on his way up...
Going across the catwalk,
Just hanging around after the zip line
They even let the chaperons have a turn! Here I am on the tight rope.
Starting the Zip line...
Several people asked if I was a gymnast after I finished, I guess the pointed toes were a dead give away. Some habits never go away...
Saturdays in October and November always include a few soccer games.
Nov. 15 this is what ours looked like...
Garrett booting it down the field
Soccer is not just about the game. It is equally about the buddies and the snacks!
Here is Drew in the middle of his crew...
And since this was the 3rd Saturday of the month, that also means Stake Dances. These guys went above and beyond for decorating for this month's theme, Hillbilly Hoe Down. Too cute!
November 19-20
With a few days to recover and do a few loads of laundry we were ready to hit Disneyland!
Jeff couldn't make it but my grandparents, parents, both of my sisters and their families and Billy and his family were able to come. We had such a great time!
All Brynne could focus on was the fact that we would be where all the princesses lived. Almost immediately we left the big guys to the big rides and found Cinderella with Emily and Nate-Frog. Brynne got to listen to Cinderella tell her story and take a picture on the royal throne!
A trip to Disneyland isn't complete without a ride on the teacups! We loved going as fast as we could around and around. Even Brynne tried to help us spin faster!
Okay seriously, isn't Drew the sweetest thing with little Brynne?
Drew, Gar, Ty, Wes and Jess
Monkeying around at Tarzan's Tree House
This was Brynne's reaction to Small World! So fun!
In the end, she was one tired princess!

I have no pictures of Thanksgiving on the 22nd, but here are a few of the things I did to round off the month. Two end of the season soccer parties, family pictures, hours of wrapping lights around every tree and shrub in front of my house, practice 3 times a week for a few hours for the stake musical, and spoke in church the 28th. You'd think I was due for a breather, but no things just keep moving along at a rapid fire pace.

So where did my November go? Everywhere!


Tara Rickards said...

So fun! Jen, you are one busy girl! You are always squeezing the most out of the minutes! I can't wait to go to Hawaii with you guys! It is going to be so much fun! Oh and cute pictures from Utah! You will have to send me copies of those! I know Austin had a blast!

Aaron and Devon said...

Sound busy but fun! We had a great time seeing you guys when you came out! Come again soon!