Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Show Me A Sign

If there is one thing we have decided about Aruba is that it's all about the signs, or complete lack of them!
The signs here are pretty entertaining and they come in every possible form.  For example one look into this helmet and there were tell tale signs that I probably wasn't the first one to use it.  
This should have been a sign to the locals to clear the roads!
The signs are full of grammatical errors
They often warn you of the obvious and are regularly spelled incorrectly
These pictures are from the Casibari Rock Formations.  We accidently found this place while trying to get to the Natural Pools by way of the Donkey Sanctuary.  Yeah no, we still haven't been to either place and the island is only 21 miles long by 6 miles wide.  There are no street signs anywhere, and we are beginning to wonder if there is a conspiracy among the locals regarding givng directions to the tourists.  We believe they have agreed not to give correct directions to the tourists on purpose!  While we have had fun exploring the island, we can count on getting lost anywhere we go.  On the bright side we've seen all sorts of interesting things along the way.  What we found on this detour were these massive boulders, precariously stacked and plopped onto the middle of the island, surrounded by cacti just minutes from the beach.  A sure sign that we are nowhere close to home! 
This one was hilarious!  I think they really thought that this image would bring in the business, we saw it right after we ordered our lunch, before snorkeling at Baby Beach.  It was a gorgeous  beach and surprisingly, Big Mama's Grill served up a tasty fish sandwich!
This was a sign that the Van Wags were ready to get their snorkel on!
The entrance to the national park along the beach.
There were no signs or information anywhere telling us what visiting hours were for the cool caves located in the park, in fact I don't think there is any info anywhere regarding these caves, I just knew they were here because I read a tourist book.  They bothered with a sign for the rules, but no info on getting us past the locked gate!
This next sign was a sad one.  Just when we had accidentally found the road to the Natural Pools, we really thought we had finally found the road to the Donkey Sanctuary, our gas meter told us we were on empty.  A sure sign that our perfect day  with the quad and the rhino, was coming to an end.  There was no time to get gas and ride the maze back to where we were.  It had been gorgeous and full of fun, guess we'll have to rent them again later in the week and cross our fingers that we'll make it back to the pools the second time around!
This sign we saw on Sunday had us busting up!  Really, right next to the ice cream counter and their price list they needed to give us a friendly reminder not to toot?  Wow!
This sign was in the bathroom of the beautiful place we ate dinner last night...Have you ever heard of not being able to flush your TP?  The other questionable thing was that the "mansion" they referred to was only about 2200 sqft! 
We've been cracking up at the use of plurals here too.  The most common one is in every single menu so far...shrimps.  
This last sign is proof that there are teenagers in Aruba doing the same thing as my son back home, playin' The Game.  Sorry Wes you loose! 


Janelle Ehat said...

Jen this trip seriously sounds like SO much fun!! Thanks for sharing all the fun details with us! Almost feels like we're there too... except not nearly as wonderful! The pictures of you and Jeff from Sunday are SO beautiful!! Actually all the pictures are amazing but I love those ones and can see them framed for sure! Glad you are having a great time!

wes said...

BLABLABLA mommy why do you have to make me lose? i am definitely sending this link to Austin and Connor though >:D