Sunday, January 30, 2011

Christmas 2010

I'm more than a little behind in my blogging, but as this is the only journaling I am doing these days bear with me or just skip it all together, because I still have Christmas to get through!
As busy as the season always seems to be, I love it!
I love knowing that when all the lights and decorations are hung, the shopping is done, and the parties and programs have been attended, there will be family.  Lots of it!  We gather at my parents house with as many as can come.  There is always tons of food, more than a few big personalities,  lots and lots of loud laughter and voices and plenty of hugs!
Tons of pictures are taken to document our night of tradition.
You don't have to twist anyones arm to get a real smile...
Well some need their arm twisted on occasion...
The Nativity never fails to entertain.  When the kids put on their costumes and my dad begins the story telling they always have our full attention
 Jessica was so excited to be the donkey this year and even made her own ears and donkey nose!
Brynne and Ashlyn were the sweetest little angels
and Drew was the cutest little wise man
When the costumes come off we are always ready for our two horse open sleigh ride through the neighborhood!
I think Drew missed the memo about the hats and accessories this year though...
When the sleigh ride is over and we are warmed with hot chocolate and warm food, our company starts to dwindle.  We head to our homes to finish up the wrapping and wait for Santa's visit.
(Sometimes when Santa's helpers don't get enough sleep they miss out on all the action!)
A third day of celebrating is always in order and we head up to Sacramento to wrap things up.
We visit and play games

at the table or on our phones
The kids excitedly share what was under the tree this year
And eventually we get around to the present game.  
Garrett is still thrilled with his stealing of the purple snuggie.
I never did hear how Michelle reacted to Rick's generous donation of his win to her collection of goods in the cabinet of her family room!
There are always traditional Christmas movies to watch
 And often the kids run a little wild
Regardless of what it is that we are doing, we are all just grateful to be together.  That's what the holidays are all about!

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Bill said...

Perfect Jen. It's all here. I'm lovin it!