Monday, January 24, 2011

A Little Catching Up

December was full, and busy as can be  
I tried to slow down and remember what the season means to me

Living in the middle of  Candy Cane Lane
Has us opening our doors for visitors and activites again and again!
 I had all my girls decorate cookies and walk the hood one night
About a week later the youth walked through then stopped by for a bite
Then somehow I found myself racing, from one thing to the next. 

My etiquette while driving probably wasn't  some of my best!
Especially at night when the neighborhood was stacked 
I couldn't leave my drivway the whole road was packed!
So the scene wasnt always mistletoe, merry and bright
On a few occations the sightseers let finger birds take flight!

The places I raced off to were worth all the fuss
Kindergarten class programs for me, are definitely a must.

Brynne in her glory was on the front row
Can't see her? Don't worry, once the singing starts you'll know

She'd rehearsed and rehearsed for days in the car
By the time they performed it, I knew it by heart

But as I stood watching my heart was a swell
Don't tell me I'm crazy, all moms know this feeling too well!
The night was still young we had more places to go
Band concerts at Buchanan aren't to be missed you know
Wes' winter performance was taken in by our crew
Mom, Dad, siblings, Grandma, and Great Grandma too
Just a few days later we were in for a treat 
We were off to the Savemart Center to witness Brynnes dancing feet!
 She wiggled and jiggled and shook her groove thing
Stealing hearts as she does in her red shirt "with lots of bling"
Other activities, there were more than a few
But they need their own posts just to share them with you

This was just to get you started on whats long over due
I'll have you all caught up on our happenings before this week is through!
Some say to get through the holidays we just have to believe,
 But things got so busy, I had to remind myself just to BREATHE!


Kirsten said...

your rhyming is awesome! so impressed! :)

Janelle Ehat said...

Dang!! Wes is getting SO STINKIN HANDSOME!! Wow! Loved all of your pictures. Wish I was there.