Tuesday, January 25, 2011

You Never Know...

There are no guarantees in life, but there are a few things you can usually bet on.
 It would be safe to say I'll continue finding a weekend in December to gather a few friends together for a hilarious evening.
You could put money down that my beautiful friends will come if they're in town.  It would also be safe to wager that this isn't the first picture of Rod wearing this super excited expression.
You can usually count on me being in only one or two of the photos for the night and really not liking what I see...
 You can almost guarantee that everyone will be smiling like Jeff after tasting the delectable baked goods Corey brings to share.
 But beyond that, the rest of the night is up for grabs!
You never know what stories your spouse will chose to share about you.
You never know which of the men can actually do a toe touch, or will go home with a book full of tips on being the best dad including a rubber finger  to pull!
And who would have known that Fashion Fair Mall's break dance champion was in our midst?  Or that he can still rock those moves in a Sauna Suit (as seen on TV) or coconuts and rubber gloves?!
Who knew that our very own Miss California is money with a shotgun and was thrilled to go home with "The Peacemaker"
You might think that Bieber Fever is just for screaming tweens, but I'm here to tell ya, not so!! Bieber Fever struck my house with some serious testosterone!
 You never know when you'll be in need of boosting your patriotic spirit, which is why Jason really scored with the Obama Chia Pet "Determination".  Talk about the gift that keeps on giving...so many possibilities with this one!  In the kitchen it's somewhere to wipe your sticky fingers, in the garage as an addition to your cat's litter box, or at your vanity for some hair do inspiration...you never know!
You also never know where our friend Natalie will travel from year to year and just how much will be added to her growing scrapbook.  Jeff was thrilled to bring her into the Bohn family for the next year.  What will we do with her and where will she go? You never know...
You never know when you'll feel like you just need an extra layer of protection in other places than the usual areas. Who knew that Handerpants were there to fill the need?  With so many uses including texting, doing construction, cooking, cruising on the road, for the elderly, and night blogging, it's hard to guess what Charisse will wear them for!
And finally, when the Lawrences show up you never know just what they've got in store.  The goldfish a few years ago set the bar pretty high, but this year they totally out did themselves when they brought a live chicken!  No one would have guessed I'd let the chicken in the house.  I bet they'd all be surprised to learn the McCauley's have kept her, named her Nugget and built a pen on the side of their house! 
People say there are no guarantees in life but am pretty sure I can count on one.  A night full of laughter as long as this tradition continues!


Carie said...

Oh my goodness. That looks like some serious fun. (And all your friends look like models.)

Tara Rickards said...

Haha! I love it! I haven't seen a lot of these pictures and they are hilarious!!! Your party is always a blast! Good to see you blogging again. You are so talented and creative in the way you write!

haley said...

Loved reliving this fun annual event! I hope you'll keep having these parties. I'm already trying to decide how to top the chicken...each year the animal keeps getting bigger!

Kirsten said...

definitely good times!! :) great pics and great night!