Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Blur That Was December

The month of December is like magic.  Somehow the days and weeks seem to be shorter, yet we are able to cram more events, parties, activities and travel into them than any other.  No matter how hard I try to slow down, be more organized or commit to less, the month goes by in a blur of busy-ness.   Wrestling meets each week were on Friday's for Drew and Thursdays for Garrett.  They were both so stinkin' tough and had great seasons.  At Drew's last meet I watched him win 5 matches in a row, 4 of them by pinning his opponent.
One of the best moments from Garrett's season came when after wrestling a kid for a round and a half Garrett finally turned on the power and handily pinned the other guy.  I took this picture of him just as he was walking up to tell me under his breath "mom, that was so fun, I was totally messing with that kid!" I love his sense of humor!
I also had my annual activity with all my activity day girls coming to the house.  We finished up sewing pajama bottoms and then went out to  see all the lights.  I love spending time with my girls!!
We got great seats at Brynnes  "Winter Program" this year.  Regardless of how lame I think it is that they try so hard to be politically correct, I do enjoy watching these little kids get up there and perform so seriously.  
Brynne was adorable of course, and was even more enthusiastic about having her picture taken with EVERYONE after the performance!
One with all the girlfriends
One with her adorable teacher and good friend of mine
A pic with mom and dad
And a sassy pose with her favorite friend!
Garrett kept busy with his friends and had blast going ice skating with a big group one Saturday and to an ugly sweater party at Kylie's one night!  
I somehow managed to get in a run every Saturday quite literally, at the crack of dawn.
While December lacked even the smallest trace of snow, the freezing temperatures put a crunchy white layer over everything along the trails we ran on.
 Keeping up with my running helped me keep perspective during all of the hustle and bustle
I just love watching the sun come up as I'm with good friends in a pretty place
December also brought us a visit from Jeff's parents!  Brynne especially loved having Grandma Sherry and Grandpa Teddy with us.
They brought so many darling little gifts Brynne was opening a new one (or two) every day they were here!
The week before Christmas all of my siblings came to spend the holidays with us.  The girls had a blast making all sorts of goodies at grandmas house.  
The sugar cookies are always a favorite!
The kitchen counters have always been a gathering place for us Hurds, and as everyone came home, it was nice to see that some things never change!
It was so fun sitting around and catching up with everyone while most of the kids slept.
We couldn't let the opportunity pass to tease mom about her pseudo gang signs she was throwing in our mud run pictures. 
 Peter was happy to re live the moment with Mom, while the rest of us died in fits of laughter all over again!  I can't begin to tell you how fun my siblings and their spouses are!
Countless hours were also spent shopping and wrapping, lunching with friends, attending book club, and assisting with classroom parties.  It was a crazy/busy/ fun month and I still have Brynne's dance recital, my annual white elephant party, and of course Christmas itself to report on, but not to worry, I'm getting there. I'm just exhausted remembering it all!


Janelle Ehat said...

Lol! I haven't seen that picture of Peter and Mom! Somehow it must not have made it onto the disc you gave me! I need it! He looks SOoooooooooo much like a Bishop here! Lol!

justjen said...

Janelle it was on my phone!! I'll text it to you... Too funny!