Thursday, February 16, 2012

Our Little Dancing Star

I loved watching Brynne at her Dance Showcase this year!
Not only does she love being front and center,
 she also had a couple of special parts in the dance
Their song was a cute upbeat version of Away in a Manger, and Brynne got to play the part of the sleeping Jesus!
And later she leapt across the stage throwing white rose petals from a basket while the girls danced around her.
 She talked about the showcase for weeks before hand 
She wanted everyone she knew to come and watch her
One night I even came home to find she had cut 20 pieces of paper into circles and had hand written in phonetically  correct grammar invitations for everyone in her class at school to come watch her perform.  Then she wrote out a sign in sheet for everyone who wanted to come!
 I knew it would be a tough sell to get kids from her class to come all the way to the Fresno State Rec center to watch her on a Saturday morning, so admit I was a little relieved that she forgot to bring the invites to school.  I couldn't bear to see her little heart crushed.
In the end she had plenty of fans cheering her on.  In addition to our family, her cousins Ashlyn and Lauren were there and also performed.  Tara and Jason even got really good seats and helped with the picture taking!
Her BFF Claira performed with her
and Nan made it just in time!!  Brynne was thrilled!
And that made for a happy Mom!

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