Monday, August 20, 2012

Birthday Season 2012

At our house the birthdays don't happen one at a time.  All six of us are within a six weeks of each other.  I call it birthday season.  Mine kicks it all off on April 3rd.
I had lunch with some of my good friends, my sister and my mom.
For some reason this same Dora the Explorer candle has made it onto my cake the last several years.
 I was surprised by Jeff arranging for me to have Lasik surgery as a birthday gift!  
Next up was Wes on April 6th.
I had such a hard time trying to get the kid to tell me what he wanted to do for his birthday.  We ended up going to lunch at Chili's.
These cute kiddos came along too.  He went to Boomers that night with Jeff and a few friends, and so of course I have no pictures to share...
Brynne's birthday comes next  on April 26th.  We celebrated a few days early with a bunch of her friends at a party at Skywalk.
She invited a ton of girls and just one lucky little boy.
On her actual birthday I asked her what I should bring to school to celebrate with her class.
She told me that too much sugar can make some people fat and so she really didn't want any sweets. No cupcakes, no donuts, no candy bags.   She wanted Pizza.  I didn't have the heart to tell her that was probably worse!
She was thrilled with the special attention she got at school, and beaming when goodies were delivered for her from the Van Wagenen girls after school.
She and Wes joined me on a Costco run that day and she told me we all needed churros to help her celebrate. I could never turn down a churro!
For dinner that night she asked to bring her friend Sarah to Sweet Tomatoes with us.
That was followed by a trip to Toys r Us where we purchased a massive Barbie house.  She was definitely a princess for the day.
May 7th is Jeff and Garrett's birthday, 30 years apart!  We celebrated with dinner at Dog House Grill.
Austin and Jordan helped the boys polish off ridiculous amounts of french fries and ribs.
The candles and happy birthday song can sometimes be a little awkward with these two...
Garrett celebrated with his friends a few days later.
We all cracked up laughing when Garrett got this T shirt with our little Shelby's face imposed over the Shelby Cobra!
We brought the kids out to the lake for a day of tubing and swimming.

These cute girls are so much fun!
And they totally held their own with this crazy bunch of boys!

Drew's birthday is the last one on May 22nd.  He delivered a list to me with birthday gift ideas, about how much they cost and rated them on how badly he wanted them on a scale of 1-10.

Drew requested Chili's for dinner where he was thrilled to down strawberry lemonade double fisted!

When we went home to do cake and presents I went in to turn off the light in the guest bathroom and noticed the toilet paper roll was empty.  I was about to replace it when I noticed the writing on the tube.    This was all Drew! That kid seriously cracks me up!
With cake a presents done, I could finally call it a wrap on Bohn Birthday Season 2012. Whew!

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