Tuesday, August 28, 2012

On The Road

For some a long car ride is torture, but I have never minded them.  I love learning the lay of the land when traveling somewhere new, and take comfort in the familiarity of a route often traveled. The drive to Utah is one of the latter. Night owl that I am, this trip is most often taken in the dark.  So when we came through the Virgin River Gorge on a beautiful sunny day, I couldn't resist trying to capture this section of the drive.
 As we traveled further into Utah we drove through several areas that were battling wildfires.  The haze from the smoke mixed with the billowing clouds hovering low over the land made for a stunning sunset.
 We were able to spend the night with my sister Janelle on our way to the Bohn Family Reunion.  The next morning I got to go for a 12 mile run with my brother Billy. I absolutely adore my brother. Going for a run with him is an opportunity I always cherish.  Its a time where we get to reconnect while doing something we are totally passionate about.  We started at this reservoir up the American Fork Canyon. The setting was unbelieveable and the run was awesome!
 I had some really good one on one time with Janelle the night we arrived.  She is so talented and has the kindest heart and a desire to always do whats right. As we ended our run at the Timponogos Temple my heart was so full of gratitude for the family that I was born into and the remarkable people that are my siblings.  I feel so lucky that we are all so close and enjoy each others company as much as we do.
 A trip to Utah would never be complete without a trip to Cafe Rio for my very favorite salad on the planet.  Peter and Janelle, Billy and Jen and their girls joined us for some good mexican eats before we headed off to Heber City.  The anticipation and pure joy I feel at having this treat is a little embarrassing, but something about that big tortilla with melted cheese, the sweet pork, kick of cilantro, and crunchy tortilla strips, ahhhh! It gets me every time!! 
 The last picture from this road trip is from our drive home.  
We came back across the northern part of Nevada along I80.  I have often wished for a magic wand that could make that desolate state just disappear.  There are miles and miles of just nothing.  It can be a bit overwhelming as the dusty dry landscape stretches out as far as the eye can see on every side.  It also makes for some interesting potty stops along the way.  I snapped this shot as we pulled over for a little road side relief.  It perfectly captures the exit and on-ramp that lead to absolutely nowhere, right in the middle of nowhere.  Welcome to Nevada my friends!

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