Thursday, September 6, 2012

July Getaway

Two good friends and six kids between them. A plan to escape the sweltering July heat. The draw of the beach.  Aloha Friday. Crazy Hawaiian shirts. An SUV packed to overflowing. 
Breakfast at McDonalds. A discussion of our true animal spirits. Patience beyond belief. A million "how long til we get there's".  Two highways, one freeway, and one super winding road. Two and a half hours. Relief.
Five overly enthusiastic kids, one cast, one set of crutches.  The quaintest and cutest little beach town you ever did see.
Five very full bellies. One cute grin, and four crazy faces. One half pound burger devoured by the smallest among them.
One very sandy cast. One small bird. One big nasty splat of bird poop on a pair of clean shorts. One not so thrilled 13 year old.

Sunnier than predicted skies with just a bit of a breeze. My big love bug.

A bucket and a shovel. No swimsuit needed. Hours occupied.

A darling 16 year old with an animal hat addiction.  A seven year old who just learned how to proficiently pump her legs.

A borrowed hat. Swings right on the beach. More hours occupied.
Creativity and a sense of humor. Silly friends. Time to kill. Entertainment for all.
Warm sun. Sand in our toes. 
Happy moms make for happy kids.
A giant hole. A boy inside. A beach towel covered in Cheez Its on top. A grand trap for catching unsuspecting sea gulls.
A teenaged girl. A break from work. Legs tired from swinging. A good book. A casted leg. Zero responsibilities. Relaxation for all.
A walk to dinner. A darling garden. A cute daughter.
A perfect place to stop and take a few pictures.
A toothless grin that melts my heart. 
 Two bedrooms. One bathroom.  A hide a bed and a chair. 10 people. A cozy condo. A tight fit. 
A balcony with a view. A left over sandwich. A girl who can people watch for hours. A perfect combination.
A chilly night. A bright idea. Logs and matches sold at the corner store.  A handful of scouts. A blazing fire.
Jammies and blankets. 
Cheesey grins. Understanding exactly which stores to shop in for a mate.   
A camel. An old lady. My love bug Drew. An unbelievable imitation. An incredible imagination. French. 15 minutes of belly laughs. 
Open house wandering. Church at the Morrow Bay ward.  A weekend of laughter. A weekend of fun. Friends. Family. Love. Four sleeping kids. One sleeping husband. A peacefully quiet drive home. Time well spent.

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Jon Quist said...

Sounds so fun! Maybe you saw my mom and dad at the Morro Bay ward! They are serving there on a mission. Elder and Sister Vernon. small world.