Monday, September 10, 2012

A Big Fat Thumbs Down

Monday is the day that everyone goes back to school and work and I do damage control. The house, the laundry, the floors, the groceries that need to be replenished, the car that likely needs gas and a good washing from whatever abuse it took from the family activities over the last few days.  
Some Mondays can't come soon enough. I can't wait to restore order to my world, to have just a moment of peace and quiet.  Other weeks I just want the weekend to continue. I don't want deadlines and stolen moments of time here and there.  This was one of those weeks that I wanted more time. I haven't yet figured out how to stop one of these Mondays from coming, and so just like the week before, and the week before that, the sun rose on a brand new week.

The day started about as great as my mood was. Funny thing, the way that works huh?!  I slept through my alarm to get up and run, and I have only a very vague recollection of driving my son to seminary early this morning.  I tried sleeping again for a few minutes afterwards, but was met with interruption after interruption.  "I need money" "I need you to sign this" "hey mom have you seen my..." resistance was futile.  I moved like a zombie taking care of everyones needs. Then the screaming started.  Brynne was in a foul mood, fighting with the girl who was there to help me.  She refused to eat, refused to take her meds, and refused to talk in anything but a scream.  My patience was almost gone, but I had no fight in me, I just wanted to crumble onto the kitchen floor and cry.  Eventually we came around to some compromises. I added cinnamon to her toast, she took a pill instead of the liquids, and I agreed to bring Taco Bell for lunch.  She was only five minutes late for school. 
This is my Monday face, can you feel my excitement?

My response to the rude awakening that this monday had brought was of course donuts. Because I still can't decide whether I like the chocolate frosting or the glazed ones better, I bought one of each, knowing I'd have no problem polishing them both off.  At the last second I downsized from the  fluffy twist and the chocolate bar to the regular smaller circle donuts.  That was my compromise with my waistline. I was digging in, but hey I could have done worse right?  

As I started on the the mess that only sort of resembled my home I remembered I was completely out of garbage bags. Then I found two different pairs of Brynnes shoes that our lovely dog had gnawed through and destroyed.  I searched for replacements online and only one of the pairs could be found.  I eventually got into my exercise clothes but just couldn't quite muster that first step out the door.  Before I knew it Brynnes lunch had started and I had yet to purchase the promised Taco Bell. I raced to the school deciding I'd just take her with me to go get it.   I couldn't find her in the cafeteria, and after searching the hot lunch lines decided to check in the office where of course she was waiting.  At taco bell they got her order wrong and she refused to eat what they had given her.  The line was now reaching the doors and I got back into it to order another set of tacos.  When I finally got home the temperature outside had warmed into the 90's and I had yet to get to my run.   There was barely time to sneak it in before I needed to be back at the school picking up Brynne for a consultation with an eye surgeon.  My legs felt like lead as I tried to get in a little speed work in my limited time.  The run was garbage. 
 When I got to the appointment I had forgotten all the paperwork I had previously filled out.  Brynne decided it would be a good time to be mute and then graduated to baby talk as the doctor tried giving her an exam.  She climbed all over my back and head and neck like a wild monkey as the doctor explained what our options were. Of course none of the traditional quick fixes are an option for us but we did come up with a plan.  We'll just wait to see if Kaiser approves it.  Sometime in the middle of the appointment our accountant called and reminded me that I had promised to deliver a bunch of paperwork that I had yet to gather.  I raced to the school picked up Drew from football practice and got started on my little assignment.  I finished at 6pm when I met the accountant across town.  Dinner had not been made, and Brynne was calling me every 5 minutes,"Hi mom its me Brynne I was just wondering how much longer til you're back? Okay love you bye!" Dinner consisted of drive thru food and once again part of Brynnes order was not right. 

I won't bore you with the rest of the details of the night, but suffice it to say that everything continued in the pattern the rest of the day had gone.  I am a firm believer that you can find good in just about every situation and that our attitudes have more to do with the outcomes than most people care to admit.  I'm sure I could list a million little things that I am grateful for at this very minute. I know I could tell you thousands of people who have it way worse than I do.  I'm sure there were hundreds of little tiny things that actually went right today.  But for now, I'm just way too tired to think of them.  Tomorrow I'll wake up with a better attitude and no doubt have a much better day, but this Monday gets a big fat thumbs down from me! 


Tawna said...

Jen, just reading this post makes me feel better. ;)

At least it was only two pairs of shoes. Five would have been much worse. ;)

Guess what? Love you.

P.S. My friend's dog chewed through her entire mormon underwear drawer, and every pair of her work pants. :) Tell me what she wore to work the next day, and you win a big prize. ;)

justjen said...

Tawna that is way too funny! When your mormon underwear and your work pants are all chewed up the alternative outfit is your birthday suit, naturally!