Thursday, September 6, 2012


 July brought us a quick visit from the Poulsens!
The women huddled around in the kitchen chatting and snacking, like we always used to.
While the men and a few of the kids took over the couches
These boys are all so much bigger than when they saw each other last year, but they picked up right where they left off.
Wrestling and rough housing like usual
Middle girls talked and danced and barbied it up
The little girls craked us up with their little games and conversations
And the big girls shared their secrets, tortured the boys, and glammed it up.
 We had a few days of mass gatherings at each others houses and restaurants.
The trampoline in the McCauley's living room was like a playpen for all the big kids.
We all wished for a few more days or news of a move back to Clovis when it was time to say goodbye.    You can never have enough time with friends that are just like family.

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