Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Day at the Bay

 A half marathon in August scheduled perfectly with my training for St George, right along the bay.  An escape from the blazing temps in Fresno.
 Good friends, a great breakfast, and a darling hotel right next door to the starting line had the morning off to a super start.
The cutest cheering section made smiling across the finish an easy feat.
 Running with zero injuries brought about a new PR 
Cute finishers medals, great race shirts, and giant cozy sweatshirts were earned by this whole crew! Yummy snacks and ice cream were consumed while lounging in the grassy park post race. Hot tubs and Mexican food called and we answered.
 The fun moved on to Pier 39 and time with my Nan.
We shopped and posed
partook of some of the best people watching provided by this great melting pot of a city 
 Inhaled massive amounts of food. Think pizza, crepes, taffy, fudge, and hot chocolate...
 I could have blended right in with this lazy bunch much too easily!
A beautiful sunset, a crazy city, favorite people, a lot of food, a fast run, a great day!

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Polliwog said...

Congrats on a great PR! What fun ... and I LOVE that last photo of the Wharf.