Friday, August 17, 2012

Little Entrepeneur

  Brynne brought several of her nail polishes, cotton balls, and polish remover with her on our camping trip to Whiskeytown Lake just in case the urge to change her color struck while we were away for the week.  One morning it dawned on her that likely none of the other ladies in our family might have been as prepared in their packing and she set up shop!
 Brynne's nail salon was open from noon to dinner.  She only charged $1 for moms and kids were free.
 If you hadn't come by the salon to get your nails done she approached you..."Excuse me, I noticed you haven't had your nails done yet and it's only one dollar. Besides your nails will look much better while you are camping if you let me paint them."
The best story of the day though was when our resident tough guy, Portuguese, power weightlifting, goateed Uncle Rick approached the salon.  He is such a softy at heart and always one to do 
ANYTHING for the kids.  He came and asked Brynne if she would do HIS nails. To which Brynne responded,"Um I don't think that would be very appropriate!"  Rick opened his dollar bill all the way and flashed it in front of her..."Well ok, I guess that would be alright..."  He picked a lovely shade of silver. Whether it was to match a few strands of his hair or in support of his beloved Raiders is still up for debate around camp!
Once all the nails in camp had been painted she moved on to her next venture...Foot scrubs and leg massages with her hello kitty lotion.  Every dime she got from that one was well earned!  I love her tenacious and spunky personality and the way her little mind comes up with big ideas!

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