Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween Excuses 2012

Halloween is just an excuse to wear garbage bags like clothes,
shove your face into a pie of whipped cream,
and come up smiling!
If you're lucky you can get a few friends to join in the game.
Its an excuse to wear silly hats,
to listen to the cute angel and devil sitting on your shoulders,
and to show your family who's the boss!
Its the best excuse for wearing a white elephant gifted sweatshirt out in public, while channeling your inner cat lady.
Its a great excuse for borrowing your sisters clothes and mimicking her fashion prowess!
Its the only real excuse for wearing press on nails, leg warmers, and a bell around your neck.
It's a great excuse for begging for candy from members of your church at the trunks of their cars with your friends.
And if you needed one, its a fantastic excuse for just laughing out loud,
or jumping for joy!
If you're a 15 year old boy, its a great excuse for posing with cute blondes.
Its her excuse for needing a nap mid day before going out a second time to do it all again!
While Wes dressed as a greaser, Drew as a creepy jester, and Brynne as a kitty, Garrett used the excuse of not having a costume to get hugs from everyone on Halloween night!
Trick or Treating was the excuse the McCauley's used to kick all of these darling kids out of their house for a bit
It was a great excuse for knocking on strangers doors, begging for treats,
and posing awkwardly on their porches.
Halloween was also the excuse my parents used for wandering the streets looking like characters from the Wizard of Oz 
It the only excuse I can come up with for sitting around a backyard fire pit with a cat,
her mother the jail bird,
Ann Romney,
a jester, a zombie, a kid in pajamas,
and the crazy Jonkers-Hankes'!
Halloween may be the excuse for all of this madness, but with the fun we keep having year after year, its a tradition that I'll not be excusing any time soon!

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