Monday, November 26, 2012

Ready, Set, Go!!!!

 Thanksgiving was just four short days ago. Fresno temps have been hovering near 70 degrees.  The leaves on the trees are just barely beginning to fall.  My front door still looks like fall.  Which it technically still is, I might add.
 The problem is that I live in a neighborhood full of over achievers.  Think Christmas with the Kranks.   And no pressure or anything but beginning this weekend, the entire neighborhood will be a bumper to bumper traffic jam full of people coming to see all of our lights.  All of my neighbors are ready for this. I am not.
I usually go get the boxes of decorations at the end of October and begin wrapping the trees.  It usually takes about a month of working to get everything done.  I just picked up these boxes today.  Filled an entire truck bed, and still left a bunch of it in storage.  
It's time for the madness to begin.  My fingers will be raw by the weeks end and I will be bruised and scraped, but my house will be well lit. I will definitely need this bag of chocolate Tiffany just dropped off!  Even the queen of procrastination can't put this off any longer. Ready, set, go!!!!!!!

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