Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A Moment of Gratitude

Of course this move has coincided with a huge 3 week trial that Jeff has with one of his clients several years in the making.  He has been working so hard at the office until between 12-2:30 am most nights.  He has felt so bad, but this move is completely on my shoulders.  It could be miserable, but miraculously it's not.  I'm nowhere near done, but so much has already gotten done and so smoothly that I just wanted to take a quick second to share my gratitude for those who have already made this so much easier on me.
 Tiffany Madsen.  Dinner for my family tonight and M&M's for making memories in my new home.
AND for the use of the Madsens BEAST of a truck they offered for the move.  Its so perfect for the job and Wes is in LOVE with it!  He texted earlier begging to just drive it to school tomorrow!  Nope that baby is all mine this week and I'm making good use of it!
 Amy Arnold.  Called yesterday offering to take Brynne to gymnastics which I had completely forgotten about. To defend myself just a little this is only week 3 of classes. She also took Brynne to her house after class and kept her busy while we moved and then when she returned Brynne home with dinner from sonic she brought me a Route 44! 
 Heather Smith. Asked me at church on Sunday if she could come help. Told me to call her on Monday whenever I was ready for her.  I totally forgot, but she just showed up and brought 3 cute girls to help out too!
Diana and Nate who have proven priceless during the remodel and the move have earned every dollar I'm paying them and might just be worth their weight in gold. Justin & Bailey workers for hire.  My kids and the Smith kids and Jared.  They all put in some serious hours and moved 70% of my furniture yesterday between 3-8pm. So Awesome.
Drew. For keeping a sense of humor throughout the moving process.  He begged for a white trash moment where he could just ride on a couch shirtless rubbing his belly eating food and the guys carried him down the street to the new house. He's been talking about this moment for over a week. This was as close as we got, but we did get a good laugh out of it.
And last but not least my dear friend Chris Remington who has been my biggest cheerleader and support though this crazy remodel.  She has inspired many of the changes to the new house, pushed me to stick with my gut when making decisions and backed me up on my color choices. This morning when I texted in a panic about my furniture not working the new rooms she came right over and lent her decorators eye and some muscle and left me grateful and content with our solutions.  Her touch can be seen all over this place.  Love that girl!

  I get by with a little help from my friends. I am at peace instead of stressed and my heart is full of gratitude.  I have awesome people in my life!

Now...back to moving!

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